ohhhh my...that had me rolling. i loved the "inner grownup" reference.

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Posted by jennifer on July 24, 2001 at 18:52:23:

In reply to: Gryphoemia (off topic, with thanks to Gwyn and Zimra) posted by Catherine Cartwright Jones on July 24, 2001 at 17:54:55:

And if i ever gushed, sorry. I do realize how much work you put into
everything, regardless of past lives, you still have to relearn it
all. thank you for all your hard work. and when you finish the ebook,
let us all know, i want to be one of the first in line for a good
reference book. jennifer (who is still laughing and now has a name
for one of her conditions.)

: : ...what's gryphoemia?
: During Sirius and Starwood, Camp Henna was laid low with attacks of
: dread condition that Gwyn termed "gryphoemia". This is an acute
: ailment that all of us are familiar with, but never before had a
: Gryphoemia is a mild hysteria, nervous exhaustion and temptation to
: commit mayhem aggrovated by overwork combined with the "blissninny
: co-efficient". We all were teaching twice-daily classes, day after
: day, under extremely difficult conditions (which will make one
: in any case). Then ... when people with shiny eyes would want to
: engage us in conversation about their spiritual revelations, want
: hug and kiss us (who are you and why do you love me????) interrupt
: every minute of conversation, business, and those precious silent
: moments ... well .... we all got Gryphoemia! The "blissninny
: cooeficient" kept rising every day, with heat, rituals, imbibing
: the other things people get up to at Starwood. Gryphoemia passed
: from being a mild difficulty to acute and chronic.
: Gwyn and Zimra found several cures for Gryphoemia .. shopping at
: "Mystic Ninny Boutique", (which does have nice shiny charming
: things), draining corks, eating junk food (unless the raccoons got
: first) and um, er, a few other persuits (that are suitable for
: younger than I).
: My cure is irreverance and rude comments, though I did some serious
: shopping!
: Things that set off attacks of Gryphoemia:
: A student who arrives 1/2 hour late to a class and interrupts
: constantly because they missed the first half of the lecture and
: you to personally review the whole bit for them.
: A student who interrupts class every few minutes to prove that they
: know more than the presenter. (If the class isn't what you had in
: mind, excuse yourself and go for a swim.)
: Stoned peope who interrupt conversations.
: People who decide they don't really need their antidepressants when
: vacation.
: Anyone, who after listening to several hours of my henna history
: lectures, watching me write up 100 EO experiments and worry over
: chemistry, and watching me bustass hennaeing people hour after hour
: ... says "oooooo you're sooooo good at this, this must be a past
: thing for you!" (this is the result of over a decade of HARD
: research WORK. I nealy throttled that creature!)
: An annoying guy who walks up to you totally naked (yes, Brushwood
is a
: clothing optional campground and the summer heat was fierce) and
: engages you in slightly stoned conversation while you are about to
: a breakfast sausage link. I just plain lost my appetite. Clothing
: optional has never been a problem for me, but under conditions of
: gryphoemia, it wears thin.
: Mothers who bring screaming toddlers to lectures.
: Creatures with fairy wings and dilated pupils who say "there is
: energy out here tonight that I REALLY want to contact" (to which I
: responded "DURACELL?"
: Granted this is my 12th Starwood (see http://www.rosenccomet.com ),
: and I hope I will continue going ... but ... man.... some people
: should try channeling their "inner grownup" . It could be a
: revelation.
: Now.
: What sets off YOUR attack of Gryphoemia?


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