Re: The rudest thing ever?

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Posted by txilar on July 27, 2001 at 23:33:47:

In reply to: Re: The rudest thing ever? posted by Maureen on July 27, 2001 at 20:13:53:

This reminded me of an occasion when two young African men came into
the store where I worked. "OH! What is that? Is it a tattoo?" they
inquired. As I began my explanation with a "no," their "oh" hit a low
note- that of disappointment. As I continued, "it's not a tattoo,
it's henna," they perked back up, "hen-na? What is that?" I explained
it to them and every time thereafter they would come in and
immediately check out my hands. I thought it was funny because they
were rather disappointed to find out it wasn't a tattoo, but then,
upon finding out it was *something* that had a story, they were
fascinated. They did think I was an odd American girl! But that is
one of the funny things about henna- people think you must
be "something else" to do such 'exotic' and 'tribal' things. =)

The world is my tribe!
I'm going to try the picture thing...

: Well, with my huge red, gold and dark brown Afro
: nose...huge dangling earrings...and henna hands, ankles and/or
: folks around here would not know what to target first. But I
: keep my mighty "pity" smile ready (you know the smile usually
: reserved for a very young child who has just done something
: incredably stupid). There was a time when I wore a pill box hat
: gloves to job interviews. And it would have been considered
: inappropriate had I not. I have come a long way since then and
: people have not. That is just how I see it.
: I do have this one very good male friend who sees the henna on my
: hand and takes my hand, looks deeply into my eyes saying, "What is
: this? It looks like snakes!" To which I reply as I take back my
: hand, "No, it is henna. It is not permanent." To which replies
: while taking my hand back and holding it within both of his, "Oh!"
: Then we begin a conversation in earnest. This has been going on
: so long I can't remember when the ritual began. But this is how we
: meet and greet each other always. I have been waiting for him to
: question the "it is not permanent" statement since there is always
: stain on my hand. But he hasn't. It is just a thing...a joke
: between the two of us. If he ever meant to be rude he missed his
: mark...I didn't get it!
: Maureen


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