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Posted by Monica Tittle on September 7, 2001 at 18:45:49:

In reply to: Re: Question for CCJ and others about fading of terped stains posted by Dee on September 5, 2001 at 17:52:37:

: Hi,
: I've been watching a terped stain on my hand for the past two days.
: For some reason on me anyway it seems like the stain is just on the
: very top of my skin. Like it's not really entering the skin at all
: but instead sitting on the top layer like paint. After a few days
: starts to look like it's peeling off in small areas. No lighter
: stains. Just flaking off in small spots here and there.
: What I find really fascinating is that while the stain itself
: dissapears all at once. If I want to remove it I can't. I've tried
: and can not remove the stain. Can not lighten it with washing,
: scrubbing, or anything. Normal unterped henna I can remove from any
: paret of my body within a day gently and easily if I want to.
: Why is this? Is this only me? I'm really starting to find this very
: fascinating.
: Dee
: : As far as I can tell, the terped henna molecules travel down the
: : columns, just not as far as usual, perhaps breaching fewer layers
: : because they're larger.
: :
: : It's fascinating how finite the the final breaching layer is!
: the
: : breakup is very interesting to watch! You can literally have the
: : pattern still on your hands at about 10 days .... have a good
: scrubby
: : wash ... and its GONE!
: :
: : If you think about skin being formed like corrugated cardboard,
: it's a
: : bit easier to see how something wet to the top edge of the
: : applied will penetrate more or less evenly down the shafts. Not
: : perfectly ... but close. There is something going on that makes
: that
: : odd "breaking up" effect you see .. and I'm not sure what that's
: : about. It's effecting the exfoliation characteristics, but
: : how, I don't know.
: :
: : I'm fascinated that without terps, there's an non-stained spot in
: the
: : center of non-keratinized skin cell (perhaps a nucleus) and WITH
: : terps, the stain is even and appears to stain the nucleus also.
: I'm
: : grateful to have a stain that's so good on non-keratinized skin
: but
: : I'd sure like to know what's making the difference in that little
: : spot.


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