Drunks, smudges and 70$
by Maxx

 A lush who's a friend of mine showed off her hennaed foot (great big bada$$ koi) to a bar owner, who called me to do 'artists night' at her bar. Local bands playing while a muralist paints some windsurfing scene. Portfolios laying about on the bar ( I saw a glassblowers version of a dildo, most interesting) and general milling about of people who want to be seen as artists and have the luxury of getting plowed on a Tuesday night.

I showed up at about 9, Set up under a huge blue and red Budweiser neon light. Not the best light, but they wouldn't let me set up on the pool table. I have an old wooden suitcase. I sprayed the inside
lid with chalkboard maker. I leave it open and draped with a fabric inside, also design books. Write whatever is appropriate for the occasion on the inside lid. This time it was 'HENNA' in big bold
and 'temporary body art' under that in script. 

Bar owner, bless her heart-shiny happy woman- gets first henna and I'm busy for an hour. Flower butterfly combo (good grief) makes a girl so happy she thanked me about ten times. Also the ONLY HENNA that I didn't retouch. Did a beautiful, and I mean ALIVE Wyvern from HJBA on a guys arm. So intricate, all kinds of scales, etc. He smudged it. Did a celtic I was proud of (no easy task)...smudged. This woman also insisted I put names and stars all around it. She really bugged me. Wanted something like 'they're wearing these days'. On her upper arm. Her expensive tits kept getting in the way. What a boor. She finished by trying to talk me down in price (after I gave her her ridiculous little extras).A frog on a forearm, smudged. I did maybe two others that got smudged.  And that was it for the night.

Bought myself a bottle of Guiness. Drank it slowly while a tweaker recounted her travels in Nova Scotia to me. Such detail! She felt like we were meant to talk, also told me all about the deep and
meaningful reasons she has a clover tattooed on her arse. Mmmm, yeah.

I passed out some cards to interested people. One girl desperately wanted one, called her MOM! who said no, cuz she had a funeral to go to the next day. She lives in my 'hood and made an appt. for thursday so she'll be pretty for a party on Friday.

So, two hours of my time. 70$ after Guiness (at 4$, fer crissakes). This is a first Tuesday of the month thing. I don't know if I'll go again, I hate touch ups. Then again, this lil' stint is paying for my
good time San Francisco weekend ROAD TRIP! (golldang I love that word). In a perfect world, I wouldn't fit in. heh.


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