Henna is NOT BLACK!

What are people using that they call "black henna"?
 PPD can hurt you!
PPD makes nasty, itching, oozing weals like this, which leave scars.
Read PPD Black Henna Warnings!

However, sometimes a black temporary tattoo is necessary. 

Sometimes you absolutely have to have something black,  temporary,  that looks like a tattoo!  You can create a temporary tattoo that looks like a real tattoo, and will last 2 - 4 days with a safe product called "Temptu".  To learn how to use Temptu to create realistic temporary tattoos see "Brandon's New Woad", and "Temptu".  Temptu does NOT stain the skin, it is a safe, FDA-approved cosmetic paint.  Temptu will NOT hurt you.  Temptu is what the motion picture and TV industries use to create temporary tattoos on actors for their roles.  "Candy Coated Jesus" is done in Temptu!  This model does not want "Candy Coated Jesus" on her belly forever, nor does she want to risk blistering and scarring with PPD Black Henna.

Can you add ink or something to make black stains?
No, that does NOT work. To make henna stain dark, safely, see: "Getting Darker Henna Stains".

How do you make black stains that last over 2 weeks?
Any black body stain that stains the skin black in less than 1 hour (and the stain is black when the paste is removed) and  lasts more than a few days is made with some form of para-phenylenediamine!  See: Warnings: PPD Black Henna".

How do you make the black henna stains like you've seen in "National Geographic" and "Africa Adorned"?
Learn these techniques are explained in "Getting Darker Henna Stains".

What is the stuff in the box that says "black henna"?
Sometimes indigo is marketed as "black henna".  Indigo is a green powder that smells like frozen peas that does NOT stain your skin black! Indigo is a natural dark blue plant dye.  Other boxes marked "black henna" or "black mehndi", and they are dark brown or black powders that contain PPD!  If the "black henna" is a green powder that turns dark blue 1/2 hour after you add water, it is a safe plant dye, indigo.  If the "black henna" is dark brown or black, don't use it!

Is there a safe way to make henna really dark?
Yes!  See: "Getting Darker Henna Stains"

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