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The Henna Page Journal
Brandon’s New Woad
Catherine Cartwright Jones © 2002
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Front cover

Rubbing alcohol to clean the skin and clean up brushes
#1 Windsor and Newton brush
Talcum Powder to help Temptu dry, harden, and look like a real tattoo
Sake cup for Temptu: if you pour out a few drops of Temptu and let it evaporate a bit, it will give you more opaque covering
Cotton balls for cleaning brushes and patting out baby powder
Custom Color Blue Temptu Pro and Temptu Outline Black: I mix the two depending on what sort of dark blue “woad” color I want.

For this demonstration, I also borrowed one neighborhood boy, Brandon.

I prepped Brandon’s arm with rubbing alcohol and let it dry.

I poured a few drops each of Custom Color Blue Temptu Pro and Temptu Outline Black into a sake cup and mixed them for a dark blue.

I brushed on the Temptu.

The color was drying slowly, and seemed too transparent, so I powdered Brandon’s arm with Talcum Powder to give the Temptu more body.

I brushed away the powder. At this point, the results looked like woad and indigo stains I’ve seen, but I wanted a more dramatic piece

I continued working. As the Temptu evaporated slightly in the sake cup, it was easier to use and gave better coverage. The talcum powder deterred feathering. The second application was more opaque, though it took longer to dry. You can see newly painted areas in this picture as dark and wet, and the first layer as powdered lighter and dry. Applying Temptu is similar to applying fingernail polish! Two coats are better than one, and you must dry one coat before applying the next.

I powdered the completed pattern.

I brushed away the powder

In a few minutes, the excess powder settled, and the “New Woad” looked like well done woad-work, or a genuine tattoo! Brandon was very pleased!

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