How do you create more complex designs?  Sketch out your ideas on a template first!  Keep a sketchbook and look for new ideas around you.

There is nothing as valuable to the henna artist, or any other artist, as curiosity and willingness to to look around and be excited by the beauty all around you! Look at everything: books, textiles, flowers, bits of wallpaper and corners of old carpets .... let them fire your imagination and start drawing.  Keep templates of hands and feet so you can sketch everytime you have an idea!  Develop your ideas, play with them ... you'll be suprised how quickly you develop a notebook of henna patterns, and how beautiful they'll be!  You can learn to do henna in 10 minutes, but you'll keep learning the rest of your life!

Want to download 4 jpg templates of hands and feet?  These are in a zip file, so you'll have to unzip them, save them in a file on your computer,  then you'll have to reduce their size if you want to print them out ... but they're free for you!  Get your templates here!

Henna Page Artists look at, and are inspired by so many things!  Here are their favorites:

Hannah: I find inspiration all around; other people's henna designs give me ideas for my own patterns, National Geographic magazines' photos of artwork from around the world, pysanky egg designs.


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