Gilding Techniques
You can apply gilding and glitter pastes with the henna paste on or the paste off!

blue warrior

Gems, silver and turquoise glitter gilding pastes compliment this henna pattern.  Learn to make gilding paste at and learn to apply gems at


The gilding paste comes off with the henna paste, but the henna stain remains.

Blue Warrior
This gilding was done with gold  Ben Nye Lumiere powder mixed with Got2B Spiked up Max-Control Styling Gel, and evaporated  Turquoise Mehron GlitterWear Got2B Spiked up Max-Control Styling Gel, and silver Ben Nye lumiere powder mixed with ICE Hair Spiker, water-resistant styling glue Wicked Grip.  The gems were applied with a drop of Liquid New Skin.

The ICE hair spiker was slow to dry, but once dried, was more flexible and water resistant than the hair gel!  All of the gilding remained on overnight with little disturbance, until the morning bath. The gems applied with Liquid New Skin had to be pried off.

You can learn to make your own gilding paste at is a reliable online supplier for gilding paste.

These patterns are adapted from from
 Alex Morgan's "Warrior"
published by Henna Page Publications

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