Gilding Techniques: Reverse Work
Pancras 2
You can use gilding paste to create "reverse" and "resist" work.
Draw a pattern in gilding paste.  Allow it to dry.  Carefully fill the area around it with henna.  If you use spiking gel paste, don't let the henna get onto the gel.  If you use hair glue paste, it will resist the henna, so you don't have to be so careful.

Pancras detail

The gilding paste does not stain the skin.

St Pancras

The gilding paste can be reapplied to enhance the finished pattern.

St. Pancras

This piece was gilded with gold and silver gilding paste made with spiking gel, Ben Nye Lumiere powder, and opalescent body glitter.

You can learn to make your own gilding paste at is a reliable online supplier for ready-made gilding paste.

This pattern is adapted from
The St. Pancras Henna Pattern Book
published by TapDancing Lizard.
St. Pancras

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