Gilding Techniques: With Paste and With Stain

Sheild from Warrior

You can use gilding paste to enhance a henna paste application.  If you're working a night of the henna, gilding makes the henna paste look better on camera, and that can be important to people who love their wedding photographs.

Warrior's sheild

The gilding paste washes away, so will not be there when the henna stain is matured.

Warrior Shield

The artist can reapply gilding paste to the matured stain.  Many brides ask the henna artist return for wedding day, to add gilding and gems to their henna, to make it more beautiful  for photographs. 

This piece was gilded with gold and silver gilding paste made with spiking gel and Ben Nye Lumiere powder.

You can learn to make your own gilding paste at is a reliable online supplier for ready-made gilding paste.

This pattern is adapted from
"Warrior" by Alex Morgan
published by TapDancing Lizard.

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