Glitter Techniques:
Resin-based Temporary Tattoo Paint
 and Body Glitter

Resin-based temporary tattoo paint was developed by Temptu to create temporary tattoos for actors in tattooed film roles. Temptu and Harquus are FDA approved, and safe to use on anyone.  Resin based body paint does not stain the skin, is waterproof, and can be removed with rubbing alcohol (surgical spirits.)   The paint will last one to four days, depending on aftercare. This makes them ideal for situations where a person wants body art more durable than gilding paste, but not long-lasting like henna.  The Temptu and Harquus paints are safe and suitable for children.

Celtic Pattern from Ancient Blue

Clean the skin, and dust it lightly with talcum powder.  Paint the resin-based body paints onto the skin with a brush. 
Ancient Blue Celtic leg

When the paint was nearly dry, I brushed purple body glitter over this harquus. The glitter stuck to the surface of the harquus, and created a solid, dry, dazzling surface which shimmered with every move.  I added Swarovski crystals as highlights.

This was done with body glitter and Harquus, a resin-based body paint from

A reliable online supplier for fine cosmetic quality glitter and resin-based body paint is

The pattern above is from
"Ancient Blue Pagan Patterns from Ancient Europe"
by Alex Morgan
available from TapDancing Lizard
Ancient Blue

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