Gilding Techniques: Hair Gel and Body Glitter

Make your own glitter pastes easily, safely and inexpensively!

Use hair gel for your base.
See to decide what hair gel to purchase.  Its especially important to get a thick, non-runny hair gel for your glitter mix, because glitter will separate out of a runny gel, and be impossible to use.  Hair gels come in several colors, though they dry nearly transparent. Get hair gel in a color that will compliment your glitter.

Purchase Becoming Moonlight® Glitter to make your glitter paste. Chunky glitters will clog your cone tip. Use cosmetic quality glitter, not craft glitter.
Make Glitter Paste

Add 1 part glitter to 8 parts hair gel. (That proportion is very approximate!  Please experiment and decide for yourself what's going to work best for YOU!)
  Glitter Paste

  Add a small amount of lumiere powder if you want the paste to be slightly opaque.  Stir these together.
Glitter mix

Put your glitter gel into a carrot bag. When its time to use the glitter paste, squeeze some from the carrot bag into a mylar cone. Apply the glitter paste with the mylar cone, just as you would apply henna.


Apply your glitter pastes bythemselves, with henna paste, or on a finished henna design.
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