Hair glue paste with glitter:

blue glue
This is blue hair glue, applied with a cone.

The hair glue was allowed to dry for half an hour.  I poured turquoise body glitter into a small cup, and dipped a wide brush into the glitter, then dusted the nearly dry paste with the glitter.  The glitter stuck to the slightly tacky hair glue, and did not stick to the skin.  You can "puff" glitter onto the glue with a "puff" bottle if you're outside.  If you puff glitter indoors, the glitter will fly everywhere, and you will have to clean house or pretend you live in fairy land.

Blue Glue
Body glitter applied with a soft, wide brush over blue hair glue

A reliable online supplier for fine cosmetic quality glitter is
Jerome Russell's Pixie Sparkle body glitter is available at Sally's Beauty Supply shops.

This pattern is adapted from
"Glory of Henna"
by Deepali Deshpande
available from TapDancing Lizard
Glory of Henna

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