Does your henna glop, clog, and jam when you try to apply it through a fine tip? 
Grit and plant scrap are getting stuck in the tip! 
Sift your henna!

If you've got chunky henna that's always clogging and jamming, you can sift it with old stockings and a plastic container with a tight lid:

This henna shaker works for small amounts.  You can clean up 100g of chunks in about 5 minutes with this contraption.  It's cheap.  Here's how:

Get a plastic container with a lid that fits tight, and 2  knee-high stockings.

Put one stocking into the other (so you're sifting through two layers in case one rips).  Stretch them over the container and push the toe down in halfway  to make a pouch for the  henna.

Put henna in the stocking toe and put in some small coins.  The coins will help knock the henna through the stockings.

Put the lid back on and put some heavy rubber bands there to help hold it tight.  Hold the lid tight with your hands and shake the bejeezus out of the container so the henna shakes through  the stockings.  Hold the lid tight all the time you're shaking it, because if it comes loose, henna will go everywhere. 

Finely sifted henna will collect in your container, and the chunky stuff will stay in the stocking toes.

When you open the container (carefully),  chunky henna will be in the stockings and sifted henna will be in the container. 

Save the henna in the stocking toes for doing your hair.  Use the sifted stuff for body art.  Your clogging and jamming problems should be over now! 

Do you have a sewing machine? You can build your own MegaSifter for sifting more than 100g of henna:  See:

You can shop for a henna that doesn't need to be sifted:
Many people feel that if they pay for good henna they shouldn't have to waste time sifting it and have to chuck out half the henna they paid for.  There are a FEW hennas that have a perfect sift!  These are available from Henna Page Suppliers.  If you want to look at particle size of various hennas and see if you'll need to sift them, go to Henna at 60x and check out which hennas have chunks and which are smooth.  Through a microscope you can see what's smooth and what's got chunks.

Would you like a sample of perfectly sifted henna to try out?
Henna Page has (almost) free samples of things!

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