Mix your own henna!
If you learn to mix your own henna paste, you will have darker, more beautiful results, save money, and you'll KNOW what's in it!

Most henna needs to be sifted before you start!
Here's how to sift your henna!

What do you need to mix henna?
It's easy to make a simple henna paste!

Sugar, Sugar:
Many hennas crack and flake off the skin  less and have better texture if you add sugar or honey.

Add something acidic:
Add lemon juice and other things.

Witchs' brews:
Everybody loves to come up with their own "secret supermix"!

Terp it!
What are "terps"?  Why is everyone on Henna Page so excited about them?

Cover it!
While its "resting" between all these steps, cover your henna with plastic!  Otherwise, it'll get crusty.

When is it ready?
When is too soon?  When is too late?  Is it soup yet?

How long can you keep it?
How long is your paste good?  If you made too much can you save the extra?

What's the next step?
Apply the henna!

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