Wrap and seal your henna with paper tape!

Non-irritating paper tape, a hypoallergenic first aid bandage for sensitive skin, is the safest henna seal and wrap for very sensitive skin. 

Pure henna, just mixed with rainwater or lemon juice is the best choice for hennnaing pregnant bellies and children, or people who know they have very sensitive skin and many allergies.  Pure henna, without "terps", needs stabilized for many hours on skin to get a good stain, particularly on skin that often doesn't stain well, such as a belly.  For henna work such as a "belly blessing"  seal henna patterns on  breasts and bellies of pregnant women with "First Aid Non-Irritating Paper Tape" to secure henna patterns! 

Sometimes children beg for henna!  DO NOT  henna ANY infant, ever!   Babies' skin is very thin, and henna applied to skin can cause dangerous bilirubin levels  in newborns.  If the child is a healthy three- year old or more, you may safely apply a very tiny pattern with pure henna mixed with rainwater, and sealed with first aid paper bandage tape. 

The only disadvantage to sealing henna patterns with paper tape is the potential for slight discomfort, and children's curiosity .  They often pull back the tape and "peek" at their pattern, then stick it back down crooked, thinking you won't notice.

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