Seal Your Henna!
Wrap Your Henna!

Get the best possible color out of simple henna mixes.
and secure the henna paste  so it'll stay perfect if you have to do something like ... move!
Not all of us are princesses waited on hand and foot!

Seal it! 
You have to do something to keep your henna stuck on your skin unless you have a hot day and a great "terped" mix!  There are many sorts of seals: every henna artist has a favorite. Different situations need different seals.

Wrap it!
There are several sorts of wrap.  Different wraps work for different people.

Glove it!
Gloves, socks and light wraps help henna stay on when you're busy.

Stick it!
First Aid Non-Irritating Paper Tape bandage for sensitive skin is excellent for pregnant women and children.

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