The MegaWrap
If you have a lizard-like cold body, have a difficult time getting good henna stains, or don't want to use heat, steam or "terps" to darken your henna, wrapping can give you dark stains with a simple mix of lemon juice and henna powder.  Wear this wrap overnight.  It works wonders because it traps your body heat so your overnight sweat will rehydrate your henna, and make a little tropical henna paradise inside the wrap.  If you are a person who perspires easily, do not use this wrap because you will make a sweaty mess of your pattern.

Wrapping henna is traditional in many countries, especially the cooler mountainous areas of Morocco, though they use gauze rather than paper tissue.  Brides' wrapped hands and feet are then covered with embroidered textiles especially made for the purpose, handed down through generations in a family.

When your henna paste is totally dry (but not cracking off), seal it.  I use New-Skin Liquid Bandage Spray from Med-Tech for the purpose.  Stuff tissue between your fingers, and in the palm of your hand.  You'll need LOTS of the most absorbent tissue you've got in the house to keep your perspiration sopped up.

Start wrapping more tissue around your hand like a mummy.  Be very generous with the tissue!

Wrap over that with a loose old sock, or with plastic wrap.  If you are cold, and have a difficult time getting good henna stains, this will trap your heat, sweat, and henna in for the night and make them go to work!

Tape the wrap down with packing tape so your hand is stabilized and won't wiggle around and dislodge the henna.  Yes, it looks preposterous. Tell people you caught a computer virus, and you're about to break out in a dark red paisley rash.

This henna was done with a simple henna/lemon mix, a light seal, and a wrap.  Wrapped stains can be intense!  If you want to work with just henna and lemon, wraps will give you a great stain.  If you generally can't get a good stain any other way ..... try wrapping!

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