Seal Your henna with peel off facial masque or liquid latex!

Peel-off facial masque and liquid latex are very similar to work with, and both are very effective for sealing henna.  Peel off masques are in the cosmetic departments of shops.  Some need to be thinned out before you use them on henna, others are fine right out of the tube.  Some people mix body glitter with their peel-off masque. Liquid latex is what clowns use to put their funny noses on, what Klingons use to keep their foreheads in place, and what strippers use to stick on pasties. Apply peel-off facial masque or liquid latex carefully with your fingertip, cotton swab, or small brush.

Blow dry the masque or latex until it is firm to touch.  They are both transparent, so you can see the henna pattern through them.   You can apply sequins or jewels to the dry latex or masque with eyelash glue.  If you are using liquid latex, baby powder it a bit if you're going to put clothing back on over the area. 

 When you are ready to take off your henna, you just peel it away and the henna goes with it. 

The disadvantage to these two seals is that they easily become dislocated when the skin shifts, so they don't work well on body parts that bend. Both of these seals tend to rip body hair out when you peel them off!  Peel off masque comes loose at the edges more easily than liquid latex.  Liquid latex grips the skin more firmly and is more rugged.  If you seal a henna pattern on someone's back with liquid latex, dry it, and powder it with baby powder, they can put their shirt back on and the pattern will stay safe. 

Remember, some people are allergic to latex!  Before you put liquid latex on a person , ask if they're allergic!  If they don't know, ask them if they are allergic to condoms.  If people are allergic to latex, that experience tends to stand out vividly in their memory.

Want to know more about seals, what people use and how they use them?  Ask the henna artists on the Henna Page Forum!  

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