Use Gel Spray to Seal Your Henna!
pump spray gel

Purchase "Spray Gel" or "Non Aerosol Hairspray" that comes in a pump spray bottle and is meant for "super hold", extra hold" or "targeted hold".  These products are formulated to make a stiff, waterproof coating ... which is exactly what you need for your henna!

Arm pattern from Origins 1

Make sure the henna is totally dry on theskin, but not yet cracking and falling off.  It should feel dry to the touch, and not smoosh.  It should not be shiny or look wet.  It should look dry. 

Lightly spray on the spray gel.  Do not spray on so much that it begins to drip!  Blow dry the spray if its not drying quickly!  When the gel is completely dry, you can lightly spray again for extra hold.

This seal is ideal for large applications where dabbing on other seals would be time consuming, or delicate patterns that could be spoiled easily.  Two coats of this spray is often sufficient to keep henna in place, over night, in bed!

Want to know more about seals, what people use and how they use them?  Ask the henna artists on the Henna Page Forum! 

The above pattern is from Origin 1
by Alex Morgan
TapDancing Lizard Publishing
Origins 1 by Alex Morgan

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