Print out information about PPD "Black Henna" 

Here are PDF documents that you may download and print out. Use these to make your own booklet or brochure on the dangers of PPD "Black Henna". 

What can you do with these?

If you use safe traditional henna, use these printouts to inform your customers about the safety of natural henna and the dangers of PPD "Black Henna".

If you have "Black Henna" injuries, these printouts will help your doctor understand how to diagnose and treat your injuries.

If there are PPD "Black Henna" artists in your area, use these to inform local media and legislators about the dangers of "Black Henna" and the safety of traditional henna.

Download these documents, print them out and use them!

Full color booklet: What is "Black Henna?"

Black and white brochure: "Henna is NOT Black"

Color brochure: "Henna is NOT Black"

 Booklet en Espanol: "Que Es La "Henna Negra?"

Brochure en Espanol: "LA HENNA NO ES NEGRA"

Brochure in Japanese

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Do you have questions about a PPD "Black Henna" injury?

See Health Canada's Rulings on Henna!  PPD "Black Henna" is illegal in Canada, and natural, traditional, safe henna is legal!  Know the difference! Stay safe, be blessed with traditional henna!

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