Para-phenylenediamine "Black Henna"can harm you:

What is "Black Henna"?

Why does PPD "Black Henna" do nasty things like that picture above?

What do published medical and scientific articles say about PPD "Black Henna" and black hair dye?

What do PPD "Black Henna" injuries look like?

If you are injured should you go to a doctor?

How can you tell  if a henna artist is using safe henna or dangerous PPD "Black Henna"? 

Why do people use black hair dye instead of henna?

Is the traditional red-brown henna safe?

What can happen if you get PPD "Black Henna"?  It can ruin your life.

What can happen if you dye your hair with chemical dyes after you have PPD from a "Black henna Tattoo"?

Print out a booket on the dangers of PPD "Black Henna"!  

"Black Henna" Warnings in Bulgarian:

"Black Henna" Warnings in Estonian:

"Black Henna" Warnings in Italian:

" Che cos’è l’"hennè nero"?"

"Black Henna" Warnings in Italian:

"Black Henna" Warnings in Turkish:



"Black Henna" Warnings in Japanese:

"Black Henna Warnings in Polish:


 "Czym jest "Czarna Henna"? "
"Black Henna" Warnings in French:


"Black Henna" Warnings in Spanish: "LA HENNA NO ES NEGRA"

Brochure en Espanol: "LA HENNA NO ES NEGRA"

Booklet en Espanol: "Que Es La "Henna Negra?"

"Black Henna" Warnings in German

Black Henna Warnings in Hebrew:
"מה היא"חינה שחורה?"

Black Henna Warnings in  Norwegian

"Black Henna" Warnings in Russian!  Хна НЕ БЫВАЕТ черной!

Brochure: Хна НЕ БЫВАЕТ черной!

Booklet: Что такое «черная хна»?

"Black Henna Warnings in Dutch 

Booklet: "Wat is Zwarte Henna?"

Brochure: "Henna is NIET Zwart!"

See Health Canada's Rulings on Henna!  Canada has sensible legistation! Canada has made PPD "black henna" illegal and kept natural, traditional, safe henna legal, and defined the difference between the two!  Don't you wish your country had such a law outlawing what hurts people while protecting the ancient safe tradition of henna? Contact your legistators and show them Canada's ruling!

CDRom with Black Henna information

If you cannot download these documents, we will send them to you on a CD, absolutely FREE.  Email   and request the "Black Henna" CD.  Tell us your home address and we will mail the CD to you. 

Do you have questions about a PPD "Black Henna" injury?

Sign the "Pure Henna" petition

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