Traditional Henna IS Safe!

Some medical journal articles have shown henna may be beneficial for skin, and no test has ever shown that pure henna applied to unbroken normal healthy adult skin causes harm

Women in over 60 countries have safely used henna for at least 5000 years.  Henna traditions are associated with many religions: Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and Christian.

The FDA unconditionally approves henna for use on hair, though it has not extended this approval to henna patterning on skin.  Henna art on skin is new to the USA, though it has been practiced for thousands of years in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. It is estimated that every person in India has had henna applied to them at some time in their life, and for hundreds of years,  so henna must have an extremely low rate of sensitization.

There are very rare allergic reactions to henna, and these are "napthoquinone sensitivity” reactions.  If within three hours of henna application, a person becomes very itchy, and wheezes, or has a tight feeling in the chest, they are allergic to natural henna.  The itching does not take the shape of the design, as in PPD “Black Henna”, and the onset of the reaction is within hours rather than days.  This sensitivity will not leave open sores, scars, or harm a person's future health.  However, a person with "napthoquinone sensitivity" should NOT get henna again!

Do you want to find a henna artist who ONLY does safe traditional henna? See the Henna Page artists listings: .  Henna Page lists only henna artists who use safe, traditional henna. No artist who uses PPD "Black Henna" is permitted listing on Henna Page.

Do you want to find a henna supplier who supplies safe henna? See the Henna Page suppliers listings: .  Henna Page lists only henna suppliers who use safe, traditional henna.  No supplier who sells PPD "Black Henna" is permitted listing on Henna Page.

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See Health Canada's Rulings on Henna!  Canada has sensible legislation! Canada has made PPD "black henna" illegal and kept natural, traditional, safe henna legal, and defined the difference between the two!  Don't you wish your country had such a law outlawing what hurts people while protecting the ancient safe tradition of henna? Contact your legislators and show them Canada's ruling!

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