Hang on Sloopy
1) This is Sloopy.
Sloopy is the very relaxed cousin of Foofy.  Foofy's kinda wound up tight, but Sloopy likes to hang loose.

Sloopy hang on
2) You can HANG twiddles ON SLOOPY!

Hang on Sloopy
3) Sloopy, Hang On! (lookin good!)

Sloopy hang on
4) Sometimes Sloopy leans to the right.....

leaning loopy
5) And again, you can HANG twiddles ON SLOOPY.

diminish loops
6) Sometimes people put Sloopy down.

Diminishing loopy
7) And you can still HANG twiddles ON SLOOPY!

slinky loopy
8) Sometimes Sloopy lets her hair down.

slinky loop
9) And lets it hangs down on me!

Double Loops
10) Sloopy can double up and shake it!

double Loopy
11) And you can HANG twiddles ON SLOOPY!

Shake it Sloopy!
Are you in love with Sloopy? 
Go here or click on the image above to Shake it with Sloopy!!

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