One Tribble
1) Tribbles are cute little things.

twirl lefttwirl righttwirl up
2) Tribbles are as easy as one, two, three! 
Twirl to the left, twirl to the right, twirl to the top and pull the Tribble's tail!
Tribbling is easier with henna than with a pencil.  Plan on blobbing the henna when you make the curls, so you get a leaf rather than a spiral, and the top flick should be a nice little tail that pulls the henna blob up slightly.

Tribbles Marching to the Right
3) Make a row of Tribbles marching to the right with their tails held high!

Tribbles Retreating
4) Make a row of sleepy Tribbles with their tails held low.

Tribbles Dancing
5) The Tribbles dance Do-si-Do

Tribbles walk wobbly
6) Oops, the Tribbles got drunk and walk all wobbly.

Excited Tribbles
7) The excited Tribbles are jumping up and down and holding their tails very high!

Tribble Vine
8) When Tribbles play tug-of-war, they make a graceful Tribble Vine

Grape Vine Tribbles
9) Tribbles can spin about and pretend to be grapevines.

Tribbles in Ivy
10) Tribbles can curl up and pretend to be ivy.

Tribble Wheels
11) Tribbles can turn cartwheels.

Get ready to Tribble!
Ready to breed some Tribbles?  They're prolific little cuties!
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