Eight-Pointed Stars: 1 and 2

The eight-pointed star once depicted the planet Venus, which has an eight year cycle.  The eight-pointed star may also symbolize the goddesses, fertility and blessings associated with the planet Venus.  There are many variants of eight-pointed stars in North African folk art.

Catch a falling star

1) Here is one way of drawing an eight-pointed star:
  • draw a square
  • draw a diamond in the square
  • extend the lines of the square outwards
  • extend the lines of the diamond outwards
put it in your pocket

2) Here is another way to draw an eight pointed star:
  • draw a square
  • extend the lines of the square outwards
  • make diagonals tangent to the points of the square
These are actually the same star, just drawn different ways.  If you rotate the second star 45' its the same as the first star. (Turn your head sideways, or tip your monitor sideways, if you don't see this)

Practice this star a few times until its easy.

Try some simple variations:

save it for a rainy day

Now, try some more complicated variations:

love   may come   tap you on the shoulder

North African style henna often takes advantage of stringy henna.  This facilitates patterns made with a dot-drape-dot technique.  The dots that begin and end every line are functional as well as decorative

some starless    Star 8     Star 9

Make as many stars as you can, slightly more complicated each time!

Star 11   night   and just in case

you think   you'd like to   hold her

you'll have   a pocket full    of starlight

Make a star and fill in different sections for different emphasis.
Once you have your patterns drawn, you can make a more dramatic pattern by filling different areas.

so catch   a falling  star

put it in   your pocket     !!!

Want to grab a handfull of stars?

Here's lots of stars!

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