The Mummy
1) This is the Mummy.   The Mummy is the letter M or three humps in a row.
Do you love your Mummy?  There's so may ways to love your Mummy!

Mummies Straight Up
2) Practice your Mummies straight up. 
Vary your Mummies with even humps, a big hump in the middle, and diminishing humps.

Wavy Mummies
3) Put Mummies on a wavy line.

Mummies on Bumps
4) Put Mummies on bumps

NOW!  You're Ready for "The Curse of the Mummy!"
Well... cursive Mummies, anyway...

Curse of the Mummy
5) Practice "The Curse of the Mummy": cursive handwriting mummies.
Make Mummies with no tails, short tails, and long tails.  Make Mummies with diminishing humps.

Mummified Lines
6) Put "The Curse of the Mummy" onto a line to make a graceful half leaf.
Practice this until you can do it smoothly every time.

More Mummified Leaves
7) Practice downward lines, and double Mummifications.

Mummified Swirls
8) Mummify Swirls

Mummified Flowers
9) Mummify Flowers

Mummified paisley and leaf
10) Mummify a Paisley and a Leaf.

Revenge of the Mummies
Want more Mummies?  Click on the image above for "The Return of the Mummy!"

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