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From Inspiration to Photography,
A lizard's tale ~

Alex Morgan
5 Pages

The Rise of a Henna Boy
Mark Foster
5 Pages

Henna and
People of Color

Catherine Cartwright Jones
9 Pages

Henna - Is it Safe?
Jeremy Rowntree
2 Pages

The OzzFest Diaries
Catherine Cartwright Jones
Shanon W. Lavender
Gwyn Thomas
33 Pages


This cover image is a montage made with two digital photographs and a line art component. All aspects of the image here presented (henna design / application / photography / artwork) were executed by Alex Morgan
For more information see 'A Lizards Tale'
Copyright: Alex Morgan 2001

From Inspiration to Photography, A lizard's tale ~
~ by Alex Morgan
Alex describes the inception of the design pictured above and follows the process of line art design through henna application to the photography of the finished application. A quick reference troubleshooting guide for photography is included as appendix to this article. Read more

Featured Artist: The Rise of a Henna Boy
~ Mark Foster
Henna Boy is a studio based in Brighton UK. This article is the story of Mark Foster, owner of Henna-Boy, how he was introduced into henna and how it grew into the Henna-Boy Studios. Read more

Henna and People of Color
~ by Catherine Cartwright-Jones
Over half of the henna using countries of the world lie between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, thus darker skinned people ornament themselves with henna as do lighter skinned people. A henna artist must know techniques and chemistry suited to accommodate this wide range of colors, as well as patterns and traditions relevant to their interests and origins. Read more

Henna - is it safe?
~ by Jeremy Rowntree
Back in August this year, several posts appeared on the Henna Page forum describing a scientific report that had warned against the use of the dye constituent of henna, lawsone, for dyeing hair. This article considers the implications of the report. Read more

The OzzFest Diaries
~ by Catherine Cartwright Jones, Shanon W. Lavender and Gwyn Thomas
Three different perspectives on working as a henna artist at a major summer festival, often amusing, always vivid, plus invaluable business advice legal information and recipes for the professional henna artist. The authors' names link directly to their contributions. Read more


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