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The old set of Henna Page Line Art is linked below,  and was donated to The Henna Page by Catherine Cartwright-Jones. Each page represents patterns from a country which has a strong historical henna tradition.

Lineart 1 Syrian Patterns

Lineart 2 Indian Patterns

Lineart 3 Pakistani Patterns

Lineart 4 Tunisian Patterns

Lineart 5 Tuareg Patterns

Lineart 6  Amazigh (Berber) Patterns

Lineart 7 Afghani Patterns

Lineart 8  Turkish Patterns

Lineart 9  Persian Patterns

Lineart 10  Arabic Patterns

Lineart 11 Israeli Patterns

Lineart 12  Bedouin Patterns

Lineart 13  Sri Lankan Patterns

Lineart 14  Ethiopian Patterns

Lineart 15  Turkestani Patterns

Lineart 16  Iraqi Patterns

Historical Henna

1999 Catherine Cartwright Jones. All designs may be freely used by henna artists in their henna work, but may not otherwise be reproduced with permission from the copyright owner - which means please ask before using them on your site!

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