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henna straining technique
Catherine Cartwright Jones
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demonstrates her PERFECT henna straining technique at the Serious NYC Henna Conference.

henna straining method will assure lump-free smooth-as-silk henna paste every time. This method even packages the paste ready to squeeze into your bottle, cone or syringe, or to refrigerate for later use!

You’ll need a glass, a baggie, a stocking, and henna paste.

Put a baggie in a glass. Stuff the toe of a stocking into the baggie in the glass and secure it around the rim of the glass.

Spoon henna paste into the stocking in the jar.

Remove stocking full of henna paste out of jar, bag and all.

Get ready to pull:

Pull the stocking while grasping the baggie, thus straining the henna through the stocking into the baggie.

Done! Perfectly strained henna paste is ready to squeeze into a bottle, syringe, cone, or to stash in the fridge! Note clean hands!

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