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The Henna Page Journal
Building the Serious Supercone
Catherine Cartwright Jones
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Heather Cherry and were making these hand rolled cones at Serious NYC. This is one Serious Supercone! The cone-making procedure is not unusual. The cone material, mylar gift wrap is spectacular. These cones give better results than 3-mil plastic, and they are delightful to look at!

Mylar gift wrap is thinner and firmer than plastic. Therefore, cones made of mylar wrapping paper have firmer, finer tips for ultra-fine lines and precise control!

Cone building a how to guide:

  1. Mylar gift wrap. This sort of gift wrap does not have a paper backing, and comes in colorful, sparkly holographic patterns. You’ll also need scissors and tape.
  2. Cut a right triangle from the gift wrap.
  3. Begin to swirl the triangle into a cone. Keep the tape handy.
  4. Swirl the cone into the tightest tip you can manage. This is going to take some practice.
  5. When the tip is as tight as you can swirl, secure the cone with a piece of tape or two.
  6. Fill the Serious Supercone with henna.
  7. Fold down the open end and tape it shut.

Thanks, & Heather, for the Serious Supercone!

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