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How to prepare a Carrot Bag

Jeremy Rowntree, Catherine Cartwright Jones and Fiona Jefferson
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Trial and error

Next you get to test your new creation. The video clip for this is a tad boring, as it just shows no henna coming out of the end of the carrot bag. But if you really want to watch it, here it is ("Check if it works").

You'll have guessed what comes next - make the hole a tiny bit bigger. Be sure to take the same care over the cutting angle as you did the first time, and cut off the thinnest slice of plastic that you can manage. Dig out your specs, or even better, a magnifying glass. Here's the clip ("Cut the tip a bit more").

How to hold and clean your carrot bag

Now that you've got the henna flowing, let's look at how to hold the bag. The trick here is to make sure that the seam of the carrot bag is uppermost; away from the paper. Watch this clip ("How to use your carrot bag")to see the difference when the carrot bag is turned the wrong way up.

One last thing, though you've probably sussed this one already - how to clean twigs out of the tip. Just squeeze them out between your fingers. Keep a tissue, rag or skirt nearby to wipe your fingers on before continuing though. Again, here's the clip ("Dealing with twigs").

So there you have it. Everything you ever wanted to know about handling carrot bags. Except, of course, that there's lots more at Catherine's site - http://reverndbunny.sphosting.com/carrotbag.htm & http://www.sphosting.com/reverndbunny/carrot1.html - including what they are (http://www.sugarcraft.com/catalog/holiday/easter/easter.htm#carrot will give you a clue) and how to get hold of them.

Oh, and don't forget that not everyone thinks a carrot bag is a sweet holder. See http://website.lineone.net/~stolarczyk/dcoulson.html for further details.

Who did what

Jeremy Rowntree : Camera, video production and sound production
Catherine Cartwright Jones : The one in front of the camera
Fiona Jefferson : Commentary

P.S. What was that you said? You didn't manage to see the video of Catherine opening out the carrot bag? Well, the trick is just to pick up the bag, tuck the open end of the bag over your thumb and first finger, and blow in to expand it. Works a treat.

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