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Henna and Scars

When skin is wounded, a body heals by creating scar tissue.  Scar tissue skin structure is slightly different in structure from normal skin, and does not regenerate in the same way until blood flow and other tissue structures have reformed. Scar tissues take henna stains perfectly well (unlike tattoos), but the darkness and longevity of the stains depends on how thoroughly the wound has healed.

applying henna to scars
Henna stain in the first days after application over an area of scar tissue.

If the wound has thoroughly healed, you can apply henna over the scar tissue, and the stain will be fairly even.  If the scar tissue is still glassy, thin, and poorly established, there may be little or no henna stain.

henna and scar tissue exfoliation
Henna stain on an area of recently formed scar tissue in the last days before the stain disappears.

The exfoliation rate of scar tissue may not be the same as surrounding skin.  If the scar tissue is recently formed, and blood flow and skin cell regeneration is not re-established, the henna stain may fade and disappear more quickly than the surrounding skin. 

When I did henna on a woman's breast reduction scars at 4 months past surgery, the henna stains vanished first at the incision site, then remained longest farthest from the incision site. The henna stains on the scar tissue vanished 1 week before the surrounding stains. When scar tissue is recent, there is more difference between undisturbed exfoliation rates than scar tissue exfoliation rates

When skin has had longer to heal, and has regrown long enough to be similar to undisturbed skin, though the staining at the end shows that the skin is still not forming and exfoliaing at the same rate as undisturbed skin. When Kymberlee hennaed over her ankle scars 7 years past surgery, the stain over the scar was very similar to undisturbed skin, though the stain still stained and exfoliated unevenly at the site of the scar.

Henna on scar tissue that has healed for 7 years:

Henna Over Scar Line

Line of surgical scar.

early stain
The henna stain has even coloring the first day after application.

10th day stain

The henna stain has faded unevenly over the scar area the 10th day after application:
the tissue is not regrowing at the same rate as surrounding skin.

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