The Science of Henna and Skin
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What is your skin made of,  and how does henna stain the skin?

What is your skin made of, and how is it made? 

How does henna stain your skin?

Why doesn't a henna stain last forever like a tattoo?

Why does the stain get darker when you remove the henna paste?

Why does the stain disappear so fast in some places?

Why do henna stains on the the palms and soles last a long time, and why are they so dark?

What are those last orange traces, and why do they seem to last forever?

Why do henna stains fade and disappear?

Why are some henna stains dark and some light?

Where are henna stains darkest on skin?

Where are henna stains lightest on skin?

How do the stains map out over the body?

Can you henna over a scar?

Can you use henna as a tattoo?

Can you henna over a cut or scratch?

What happens if you get a suntan or sunburn when you have a henna pattern?

Why is henna a sunblock?

Does henna show up on dark skin?

How is a henna stain different from a tattoo?

Why is henna NOT a tattoo?  What is a tattoo?

Why is henna NOT body paint?  What is body paint?

Is henna GOOD for your skin?

Download a printable PDF of information about henna stains and skin, with illustrations of how henna stains skin vary across the body, and how henna stains stratum corneum.

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The Pattern above is from Erfan Mahlodji's "Born Again Tribal"

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the Encyclopedia of Henna
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