weird straining problems

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Posted by Lauren on November 5, 2001 at 02:43:25:

I got some new samples in a few days ago and decided to try 'em out.
I mixed the first in the morning with lemon juice and sugar. It
smelled almost lemony coming out of the packet, very fresh-smelling
and bright and finely powdered. I had hopes, which were validated
when I went to stir it a few hours later. It was a lovely alive
green color with tiny yellow specks. I've seen this in other hennas,
it usually means they are going to stain very well. I was going to
apply it that evening, so about nine hours after mixing, I gave it a
final stir. I have seen very few pastes this gloppy. It was just
lovely and I was all excited. The consistency was close to perfect.
I've been using Kenzi's starining method almost as a reflex for some
time now as it's so much easier to get the henna where you can use
it, so I set up to do that. I used a No-nonsense knee-high that has
been used successfully to strain henna at least once before. When I
strained, some of the paste came out, then the stocking got stuck and
would not strain further. I figured I was just having a wimpy moment
and asked my husband to anchor the stocking while I pulled on the
carrot bag. It strained a little more but not much. I pulled
harder, and it was stuck and stuck and then gave all at once. When I
took the stocking to the sink, there was a wad of almost dry henna in
the toe, almost as much as I put in to begin with, and when I went to
apply the stuff in the bag, it was almost too wet to work with. I
should have tossed it but I wanted to see what the color would be, so
I used it anyway and got a brilliant dark color in a somewhat smudged
pattern all over my hand. I used it the next night and was slightly
less wet and I got a better control but was unable to get fine lines
not to run together. Of course, this is noce and dark, too.
So... Has his happened to others before? Had it been coarse henna
(not at all) or a very fine stocking (used before with no problems at
all) I would understand, but I'm at a loss to explain it.


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