Multiple Application Techniques
Multiple Application Chart:
When you apply henna, it will have a predictable darkening and demise cycle.  To understand this cycle see: "Henna and Skin" in the Encyclopedia of Henna.

If you apply henna for only 15 minutes, then wash it off with soap, the stain will be pale, not darken, and the stain will be brief. 

If you apply fresh henna paste and leave it on overnight, the skin will be more saturated with dye and from a brief application. That stain will be darker and last longer than the stain from a brief application. 

If you apply henna that is slightly stale, and leave it on briefly,  the stain will be pale, not darken, and the stain will be brief. 

Therefore, if you do a brief henna application and an overnight henna application, one stain will be light and the other will be dark.  Your completed henna pattern will have 2 colors.

If you do multiple henna applications, utilizing different peak and demise sequences, you can create "Magic Trick" henna and "Left Overture" double application henna patterns.

"Magic Trick" Double Application
also known as Algerian Technique

"Left Overture" Double Application

There are more multiple application hennas at Henna Caravan!

The Henna Page Publications has pattern books for multiple applications!  Click on the pictures below to see these books!

Arabesque  Jewish Kurdish Henna Designs   Warrior

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