Bridal Work

Bridal work is one of the most elaborate forms of henna, and the most well known. The tradition of hennaing a woman before she takes a husband is one of the oldest uses of henna, originating in the Usko-Mediterranean civilization during the Neolithic period.  Over 60 countries have traditions of hennaing brides, and immigrants from those countries have spread henna wedding traditions across the world.  Through history, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Coptic, Jain, Zoroastrian, Sikh, Hindu and animist brides have celebrated a "Night of the Henna" before their wedding night.  The "Night of the Henna" is not a religious ceremony, and it is not a legal contract.  It is a family celebration, wherein women adorn and cherish the bride in their home.  In this section, Henna Page will include personal stories of henna artists who have worked for brides.  Every bride is different, every family's tradition is a little different, every artist is different. 

First: Jewel's Brides


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Hindu Wedding

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Watch Videos of Bridal Henna Artists at work!

Riffat Bahar

Step by Step: The Bride's Hand: Artist: Riffat Bahar
14 MB wmv Watch Riffat Bahar create magnificent patterns on a bride's hand!

Kim Brennan2
"Artist at Work" Kim Brennan (40MB wmv file)
Watch a henna artist create beautiful henna patterns!


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