Dazzle your henna with body glitter.

I mention products by name when I have personally found them to be safe and effective.

needs glitterIf you apply glitter when the henna paste is wet, the glitter will stick to and enhance the paste. If you apply glitter to the henna pattern when it is dry and sealed, there will be an overall sparkle.

Use only cosmetic quality polyester glitter, often sold as body glitter. Becoming Moonlight® glitter is a safe polyester cosmetic quality body glitter that comes in a wide range of colors.  Craft glitter will irritate the skin.  Metal glitter will nick the skin.  
add some moreThe glitter will not stay on skin as henna stains do, but the effect is  pretty.  Glitter encourages people to keep their henna paste on their skin longer, because it makes it sparkly.  When people keep their paste on longer, they get better stains.

Shake on as much glitter as you like.  

Glitter may be sold in shaker jars with screw-down lids to minimize visits from the "messy fairy" in your henna drawer, and accidental "sparkle dumps" on your clients.

Other artists put their glitter into jac bottles and 'poof' the glitter onto a henna pattern.
Aurora glitters flatter henna; they flicker eifferent colors as your body moves.

Glitter will wash off skin with water.  It will depart more gradually from clothing, furniture and carpets.

Be considerate of people who may have to vaccum glitter; not everyone appreciates visits from the glitter fairy

Dorris's glitterBe careful to put the cap back on your glitter when you put it away between jobs.  Glitter accidents can be either spectacular and magical, or a royal nuisance, depending on how you feel about glitter.

Once, I was traveling with a supply of glitter and body art supplies, and an officer of the TSA felt that he needed to inspect. When he opened the jar of glitter, the glitter went all over him and the Homeland Security inspection area, making security dazzling, magical, and very festive.  
gauntletsUse glitter over wet henna, or dry henna, and it will be gone when the paste falls off.

Use glitter with gems. Click HERE to learn how.

Mix glitter with hair gel to make water-soluble gilding paste that will wash off in a day.

If you want your glitter effects to last for five days to two weeks, use glitter over Pros-Aide® medical adhesives and Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste.
Click HERE to learn how: 

Body glitter is available in a wide range of colors.
Aurora glitter colors shine different colors as your body moves. 


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