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Tech Support for The Henna Page

Tech Support For The Henna Page
To help serve The Henna Page’s mission as an Internet-based resource for people interested in Henna and related subjects, we’ve added a section with technical information on computers, the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Over the years, The Henna Page has grown in size and in the range of services it offers, including electronic books, multimedia, and downloadable files. As the sites’ offerings have increased, so has the power and complexity of personal computers and the number of security threats computer users face on the public Internet.

Our plan for the technical information section is to assist you with your questions about accessing and using The Henna Page’s resources and to provide information to help you keep your computer operating safely on the Internet.


You can e-mail specific computer questions to Roy Jones at

How to Get Your Stuff on the Web: So, you have your nice new pictures?

Tools and Other Useful Things: Graphics Editors, Browsers, Download Managers and more

Keep Your Computer Healthy

Mass-mailing Worms:  What’s up with all that weird e-mail in my inbox?

Shields up! Part I:
Basic Tips on Securing Your Computer Against Intruders

Shields up! Part 2: The Firewall is your Friend!

Shields up! Part 3:  Reducing the Risks of Adware and Spyware

The 411 on 419: Avoiding the "Advance fee fraud" Scam

"You Didn't Say 'May I?'":
Dealing Effecively with Online File Theft

"Got Wireless? Lock it down...Now!!":
Security basics for your home office wireless LAN.

"The Hyperlink Lowdown":
Including URLs and images in your Henna Page Forum posts

"Do Operating Systems Matter Anymore?":
Network computing and the false choice between the Mac and the PC

"How to be a PC FreeLoader":
Using free software to build a great PC

Roy Jones has worked around computers since the days when mainframes had vacuum tubes. He made computing a full-time career in 1999, and now works as a network systems specialist for Philips Global Infrastructure Services.

Roy holds several professional certifications in computer hardware and data communications and has earned a Master of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool. His academic interests include municipal networking and Internet geography.

Roy Jones , , is technical support for The Henna Page.   You got a problem?  Talk to HP's Tech Support Daemon!

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