The WibbleLeaf
The Wibbleleaf

1: This is the WibbleLeaf. 

How to make a Wibbleleaf

2: You make the WibbleLeaf by wiggling (wibbling) the
tip of the henna cone back and forth and then pulling it away quickly, leaving a little tail.  If you have stringy henna paste, or add monosaccharides to your henna mix, you will be able to pull little tails off your WibbleLeaves. 

Wibble Leaf 3

3: Make parallel slanting lines, and see if you can make WibbleLeaves with perfect wibbles and little tails.

practice wibbles

4: Practice your upward and downward WibbleLeaves over and over until they all have perfect fat wibbles, and neat little tails.

Wibble Leaf straight2

5: Make pairs of WibbleLeaves from a straight stem.  Practice wibbling for speed and accuracy.


6: Alternate WibbleLeaves from a winding stem.  Make them fit neatly on the curves.

Flinging Wibbleleaves

7:  Fling WibbleLeaves.  Practice for speed and accuracy.

Dropping Wibble2

8: Drape WibbleLeaves. 

Diminishing Wibble Leaves

9: Increase and decrease WibbleLeaves.

Spiraling Diminishing Wibbleleaves

10: Wind decreasing WibbleLeaves around a spiral.

Ready to do some WibbleLeaf patterns?

Click on the WibbleLeaf Patterns below for full size images!!

Wibble Leaf Hands

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