Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint

Temtpu temporary tattoo paint has a wide range of colors which can be used when a client does not want natural henna.  
Temptu can be combined with 'white henna' gilding paste, gems, glitter and gilding powder. 
I have included the names of products here which I have found to be safe and easy to work with.

bright colors in Temptpu Henna will never be pink, rose red, purple, white or black, and people often want these colors.

Henna is not a good choice for wiggly little children, who often want body art.

Henna stains cannot be quickly removed from skin, and there are may times that people do not want henna lingering for several weeks.

Use safe, temporary tattoo paint when you want to create something that resembles henna, but is a bright or improbable color, or is for a little child, or must be quickly and completely removed.
supplies for the project Temptu's Dura temporary tattoo paints are FDA approved, skin-safe, waterproof, and durable. 

Temptu Dura temporary tattoo paints lasts a about a week when applied to clean, dry skin that isn't apt to perspire or become greasy.  

You can remove these paints from your skin with 91% isopropyl alcohol or baby oil. They will not rinse off with soap and water.

Assemble your work kit: Temptu Dura temporary tattoo paints, brushes, 90% isopropyl alcohol (also known as surgical spirits) for rinsing brushes, and talcum powder.  Do not use corn starch baby powder instead of talc-based powder.

You may wish to add gilding powder, glitter, non-latex medical adhesive, and gems to your pattern. 
one drop of Temptu

Put a few drops of Temptu Dura temporary tattoo paint on a ceramic or plastic plate. The paint is easier to work with it it is allowd to dry and thicken slightly.
shake it

Always shake your Temptu Dura vigorously before use!
Draw in the first color with Temptu Paint the Temptu Dura paint with a fine brush. If your brush becomes thick with paint, rinse it with 91% isopropyl alcohol.

Temptu Dura is ideal for arms, chests, backs, legs, and bellies; places where henna stains are never vivid.

Temptu does not adhere to skin as well on hands and feet, or parts of the body where the skin is oily, sweaty, or is contantly rubbed.

add or blend Temptu colors Add another color for shading or highlights.  You can mix all Temptu Dura colors, and shade or blend them to coordinate with clothing and costumes.  

The paints will dry in a few minutes.  This is an advantage for children with th fidgits, and for performers with limited time to prepare their makeup.

The paint will remain slightly tacky when it dries.
shake powder onto Temptu Temptu is a resin-based body paint. Mineral powder combines with the resin and sets the paint. Talc and mica will both effectively set this paint and make it durable and waterproof.

When your design is done, powder it with talcum powder.  Do not use cornstarch based powder, that will make Temptu gummy.  

If you are going to use 'white henna' gilding paste with temptu, use mica powder (gilding powder) to seal the Temptu instead of talc.
Rub powder into Temptu Rub the talcum powder into the skin and paint until it disappears; use your hand to rub it in.  

The white powder will disappear in about ten minutes. 
add gems to Temptu When the pattern is done and powdered, add flatback rhinestone crystals for extra dazzle.  Put a drop of medical adhesive at any point where you want to add a gem.

Pick up a crystal with a birthday candle, and touch it to the adhesive.

Click this link for more 'how to' apply gems. 
Beautiful Faux Henna with Temptu Add some glitter for extra dazzle.

Click this link for 'how to' apply glitter.

This work will last through children's play and adult celebrations, sleeping, swimming, showering, and more.

Would you like to try another project with gilding powder?

paint a little paisley with Temptu Paint a little paisley onto skin with Temptu Dura temporary tattoo paint.  You can blend and shade colors to match clothing or contrast with skin.

Use as many colors as you like. Clean the brush with isopropyl alcohol between colors.  
powder Temptu with mica powder After a few minutes, the paint will be dry, but tacky.  Sprinkle on cosmetic quality mica powder. Different colors of mica powder will blend with the Temptu paint as they bind to the resin.

Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Powder is a safe cosmetic mica powder that effectively sets Temptu Dura temporary tattoo paint, and comes in a wide range of colors.
smear the mica around the Temptu Spread the mica powder all over the pattern with a brush.  Rub the mica powder into the Temptu with your fingers.  

dust away the mica from Temtpu When powdered with mica gilding powder, Temptu Dura is waterproof, and has a silken metallic shimmer.  If the paint is taken care of, it can remain on the skin for about a week. If it is constantly being rubbed, such as by a shoe or tight clothing, it will wear away more quickly.

It will stay longer on the upper arms and legs than on the wrists or ankles.  It will not remain on the hands and feet, and is inconvenient for palms and soles.
all done, shimmering 'Faux Henna' with Temptu Two days later, the Temptu Dura pattern fixed with mica is still shimmering.

Temptu Dura temporary tattoos set with Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Powder lasts about a week on skin that is not perspiring, or oily, and where garments don't rub it off.  

You can shower and sleep with this work; it will stay in place and not smear. 

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