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The Henna Page Journal
Ozzfest Diary
Catherine Cartwright Jones
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Appendix 1

Catherine Cartwright Jones's
Headbanger Henna Mix:
Just apply this henna mix to a client, let it dry, and send them on their way!

When the henna falls off in one to three hours, it will leave a bright orange stain, even on hard to stain areas, that will darken to a rich brown in 48 hours!

In the Headbanger Henna Mix, I use only henna, lemon juice and Cajeput essential oil. It has a scent like Ben Gay or Icy Hot. To a mosher, this smells sexy.

  1. Headbanger Henna Mix
  2. Liability Insurance
  3. Contracts
  4. The Money Thing
  5. Booth and Mats
  6. Trust and Teamwork
  7. HEAT
  8. Pattern Placement
  9. Waivers

Mix per henna artist per full day's work: 100g of henna powder.
Mix enough lemon juice into the henna powder to make a paste as thick as yoghurt, let it set 12 hours at 75F.
Mix 5 ml, or 1/6 oz of Cajeput essential oil into each 4 oz of mixed henna paste.
Stir out all the lumps and put that in a carrot bag to either use directly or to fill a jac bottle.
Let that sit for 12 hours before using the paste. If there is paste left over from one day, it can be used up to 48 hours later.
Clean the skin first with isopropyl alcohol to remove any skin oil.
Apply the henna.
Let it dry.
Advise the person to try to keep the henna in place for an hour, or a few hours if possible, and then let it fall off. The only aftercare is to mosh, dance, sweat, have fun!

This mix will leave a brilliant orange stain on the skin after 1/2 hour, which will darken to chocolate over 48 hours.
I used henna from Castle Art: both Jamila and regular.

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