2017 Calendar

The Henna Page Calendar 2017
The Henna Page Calendar 2017 is your downloadable inspiration for the new year ... and it's FREE! 
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The Henna Page Calendar

This calendar is a gift to you from The Henna Page, Mehandi.com and the TapDancing Lizard site group. We hope you enjoy every day of 2017, and are always inspired to do beautiful art!  The photographs show many techniques, and links to The Henna Page resources where you can learn to do them yourself.

The body art was by Katrin Alekand, Catherine Cartwright-Jones, Rebecca Chou, Penni AiZayer, Wendy Rover, and Beth Boyd Kitchen.  All body art materials were from mehandi.com . Gwyneddh Jones and Elizabeth Howard, PhD wrote the poetry. Alex Morgan did the graphic montage work. Roy Jones did the photography. 

The Henna Page Calendar

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To see more beautiful body art, click on our previous years' calendars, and be patient for the file to open. these are all LARGE pdf files.


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2014 calendar


The Henna Page Calendar

The Henna Page Calendar









The Henna Page Calendar 2016
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Alex Morgan: Spellstone

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