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Knotwork for Henna Artists

Want to learn to do knotwork in henna?  Would you like "Knotwork for Henna Artists", a book of knotwork instructions and patterns absolutely free from The Henna page? 


"Knotwork for Henna Artists" is a 20 page full color book in PDF format.  The whole book is about 3 Mg so if your computer is on a dial-up, be patient, and use a download manager.  If you need a download manager, or don't know what one is, visit "Tools and other Useful Things" in the Henna Page Tech Pages.  If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open up a PDF file, you can find out where to get that in "Tools and other Useful Things" in the Henna Page Tech Pages.

The url for the whole book is

How do you download and save your free knotwork book?

You can left click the above link, let the file open up, then save it to your computer.  Print out the copy you save on your computer. 
You can also right click on the above link, and "save target as" to a file in your computer, then print it out.

If you don't think you can download a 3 Mg file, you can download "Knotwork for Henna Artists" in two parts:

The "how to" section of the book is about 1 Mg, at
The pattern section of the book is 2 Mg, at

If you really have difficulty getting your ebook, contact The Henna Page Tech Support

Henna knotwork technique is also explained in  the Henna Page Journal article "Untying Persian Knotwork"

Knotwork for Henna Artists

 If you enjoyed the convenience of downloading and printing this book for yourself, visit The Henna Page Book Shop for more books!
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