What do you need to mix a simple henna paste?  Not much! You'll need a container, a spoon, henna and lemon juice.

You don't need much to make good henna paste!  Henna and lemon juice will get you started.  Mix your paste in a ceramic or plastic bowl, and use a plastic spoon.  Some people use metal bowls and spoons, but the acidic henna mix can react with some metals and tarnish them. 

Most henna needs to be sifted before you start!
Here's how to sift your henna!
Don't want to sift?  Try out a sample of perfectly sifted henna!

You can add more things to your henna mix, and have fancier mixing equipment.   You can also keep your henna simple and do just fine! Apply a simple henna and lemon juice mix, seal and wrap it, leave it on overnight..... and get results like the hand below!

This stain was made with just henna and lemon juice paste,
sealed, wrapped, and left on overnight.

You can keep it simple and have beautiful results! 
You can also get a whole lot more complicated!

Next Step: Want to get more complicated?  Add something sweet!

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