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Reconstructing Celtic Woad and Tattoo Body Art with Temptu

To prepare skin for Temptu, clean it thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. The body paint will stick best to oil-free skin.

I prefer to freehand Temptu, as I do henna. If the pattern is complex, moisten the skin with water and lightly sketch the pattern with a Stabilo or Derwent Aquarellable pencil. When I have the sketch in, I wipe away the marks with water until just enough tracery remains that I can freehand the design. I purchased small bottle of dark blue colored specialty Temptu to simulate woad body art.

I use Windsor and Newton #1 or #2 size brushes, and keep them clean with rubbing alcohol. I put a few drops of Temptu in a small cap and allow it to slightly evaporate for a more opaque covering. I paint the Temptu onto the skin as if it was ink, and it dries quickly. I powder over the paint with baby powder, and brush away the excess. If I want the temporary tattoo to be more durable, I paint on a second layer, as I would do fingernail polish, and let that dry. I dust it with baby powder again. The talc improves the durability of Temptu, and makes it look indistinguishable from a real tattoo.

I recommend that the client dust the Temptu with baby powder if the skin gets oily, if Temptu seems “tacky” or becomes glossy. Temptu will hold firm in a shower, even when lightly soaped. Temptu will come off quickly and completely with rubbing alcohol. Temptu is cost-effective, as only a few drops are required to paint a temporary tattoo.

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