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Celtic Art Resources:


Bain, George, “The Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction by George Bain”
ISBN: 0486229238
Dover Publications, Incorporated

Bain, George, “Celtic Art Lettering: Scripts, Initials, lettering from the Celtic Mss. of Kells, Lindisfarne and Durrow”
ISBN: 0853351708
Stuart Titles, Limited

Bain, George, “Celtic Art: Man & Plant”
ISBN: 0948474068
Stuart Titles, Limited

Cartwright Jones, Catherine, “Henna, the Joyous Body Art”
ISBN 0 – 9711525-0-0
TapDancing Lizard, http://www.tapdancinglizard.com

Davis, Courtney, “Celtic Designs and Motifs” 
ISBN: 0486267180
Publisher: Dover Publications, Incorporated

Davis, Courtney, “Celtic and Old Norse Designs “
ISBN: 0486412296
Publisher: Dover Publications, Incorporated

Lusebrink, Amy, “159 Celtic Designs”
ISBN: 0486276880
Publisher: Dover Publications, Incorporated

Meehan, Bernard, “The Book of Kells: An Illustrated Introduction to the Manuscript in Trinity College, Dublin”
ISBN: 0500277907
Thames & Hudson

Morgan, Alex, “Spellstone Patternbook One ~ Tribal~”
ISBN 0 – 9711525-1-9
TapDancing Lizard http://www.tapdancinglizard.com

Meehan, Aidan, “Celtic Design: The Dragon and the Griffin”
ISBN: 0500277923
Publisher: Thames & Hudson\

Megaw, Ruth and Vincent, “Celtic Art from its Beginnings to the Book of Kells”
ISBN 0 – 500-28265 - X
Thames and Hudson, 2001

Pearce, Mallory, “Ready to Use Celtic Designs: 96 Different Copyright Free Designs”
I SBN: 0486289869
Dover Publications, Incorporated

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