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with decorating tips and carrot bags
by Natasha Papousek 
Crescent Moon Designs 
henna artist: San Diego, Ca.

My (current) favorite method for applying henna is to use a metal cake-decorating tip with a coupler and a carrot bag.  The metal tips give me great line control, and the coupler lets me change the size of tip whenever I want.  Before I switched to using couplers, I had to make separate cones for each tip -- and since I generally do small parties and individual clients, this seemed like a waste of henna.  Now I can change from a thin line to a thick band to a triple line all with the same cone!

How to use the coupler:

1.  You will need a carrot bag (or a cake decorating cone which tends to be a bit stiffer), a cake-decorating tip (Wilton is the most common brand in the US, but other brands are excellent, too) and a cake-decorating coupler.  It's important to make sure that your tip fits your coupler.  If they are both made by the same company, they should fit.  My coupler is made by Wilton and fits all my Wilton tips, and also a few tips that Kree sent me made by a Korean manufacturer.

2.  Cut the tip of the bag.

3.  Insert the large part of the coupler into the bag so the top sticks out of the end.  The plastic of the cone should be fairly snug against the threads of the coupler's screw.

4.  Put the tip over the top of the coupler and make sure any extra plastic from the cone is inside the tip.

5.  Screw the ring of the coupler over the body of the coupler.  Make sure you screw the plastic of the carrot bag with the ring.  I think of it as a sandwich -- bottom part of the coupler, carrot bag end and coupler ring -- This seals everything so the henna does not leak out.

6.  Add paste and close the end of the cone.  And you're ready to go!

Crescent Moon Designs
Natasha Monahan Papousek 

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