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The Henna Page Guide to Henna:
This is an instructor's Power Point slide show henna presentation, also available as a PDF. Use this slide show to teach henna classes: combine this slide show with free ebooks from The Henna Page and  your own expertise and demonstrations  for a great henna class!  Download this free slide show, burn it on a CD, and use it in your library or classroom.  "The Henna Page Guide to Henna" is appropriate for ages 14 and up.  

The Henna Page "Encyclopedia of Henna"; Hindu Wedding,  by Dipti Desai
This free ebook explains the sequence of parties and rituals for Gujarati Hindu weddings, the meaning and importance of the traditions, and photographs of the events.
PDF, 54 pages,  5 MB download

The Henna Page "Encyclopedia of Henna":  The Functions of Childbirth and Postpartum Henna Traditions
This free ebook is a fully referenced academic paper on the henna traditions associated with childbirth and postpartum in Rajasthan and Amazigh North Africa.  This book has traditional henna and harquus patterns from India and North Africa, as well as early photographs of Amazigh mothers and their infants. Henna artists as well as mothers and health care professionals will find the Information on henna, G6PD deficiency and kohl, with citations from medical and scientific journal articles, important to achieving safe, beautiful body art.  36 pages, 2 MB PDF
Zip file of High Resolution Scans of Henna Leaves   4 MB zip file
These are as close as you can get to examining a henna plant with a magnifying glass. These images clearly show the veins, petioles, buds, and at the highest resolution you can see individual plant cells.

Developing Guidelines on Henna: A Geographical Approach
Catherine Cartwright-Jones' masters thesis on henna includes material on history, traditions, chemistry and botany of henna.  14 MB zip file

The Henna Page "HowTo" Mix Henna
 Learn to mix your own henna paste for better results at lower cost: 38 pages,  1.5 MB PDF

The Henna Page "HowTo" Apply Henna
Learn to apply henna with traditional and modern tools: 46 pages,   3 MB PDF

The Henna Page "How To" Gilding, Glitter and Gems
Learn to bedazzle your henna with gilding pastes, glitter and gems!  3 MB PDF

The Henna Page "HowTo" Patterns Volume 1
Learn to do henna patterns like a pro:  50 pages,  7 MB PDF

The Henna Page "HowTo" Patterns Volume 2: The Secret Henna Diaries by The Reverend Bunny
Popular, eclectic patterns from the Rabbit Hole, 35 pages, 6 MB PDF

The Henna Page "HowTo: Patterns Volume 3:
Learn to do henna patterns like a pro:  55 pages,  8MB PDF

The Henna Page "HowTo" Knotwork
A guide to knotwork for henna artists: 20 page full color book in PDF format, 3 MB PDF
Henna Is Not Black
This is an information packet on the dangers of para-phenylenediamine "black henna".  It includes a list of published medical papers detailing the hazards of using para-phenylenediamine on skin, what you should tell your physician if you are injured, and how to avoid street vendors who use para-phenylenediamine.

Videos and Slideshows

Watch Riffat Bahar create magnificent patterns on a bride's hand!
Watch a henna artist create beautiful henna patterns!

Meet the Artist: Kim Brennan  (11 MB wmv file)
Watch the author of Mehndi Masala create one of the lovely patterns from her book!

Indigo slideshows:  
    Learn the ancient art of woading as seen at!

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