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Business and Henna: Home, Events and Festivals
Advertising through print, word, & activities
Aftercare sheets & assorted help
Aftercare on impatient clients
Beginning your Business
Booth Decorating: Make It Pretty
Canopy/Tent Purchase
Canopy vs. PopUp Tent discussion
Mats for Booths (Dog Mats)(X-Pen Mats)
Set Up
Burnout and falling out of love with henna
Check List (what are you forgetting?)
Children and Minors
Client satisfaction
Design Books
“Flash for Cash” discussions
Festivals and Big Events
Flea Markets:
General & mixed information
Giving up the “day” job
Henna parties:
Hiring help & wages
Home Appointments:
Home Appointments: Safety Issues
Insurance and waivers:
Less pay / more exposure situations
Licenses & insurance:
Nudist Resorts & Others
Odd gigs
Outdoors & adverse conditions
Paste for gigs & storage
Paying Your Assistants:
Payment (how do you get paid?)
Pricing Bridal henna
Pricing kits 
Pricing for parties
Pricing Issues: Undercutting
Running henna booths during the winter
Salons & tattoo parlours
Situations where alcohol is involved
Terping for clients or not
Travel Time: what should you charge?
What to wear
Working with an agency

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Erika Harrison's Book "How to Start your Own Henna Business"


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